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Planned Growth
  • Henry county has been one of the fastest growing counties in the state for several years. Exciting, yes! A prepared infrastructure? No. With input from the citizens of Henry County, Greg will address these issues so we can make good decisions about where and how to grow our communities.
  • Fully Funding and Supporting Public Safety
  •  Citizens express significant concerns regarding violence, drugs and gangs. Working together, we can ensure we are a community that addresses these concerns effectively, with compassion and empathy.
Job Creation
  • Greg is dedicated to attracting businesses that will provide diverse job opportunities.
Henry County:  Our Home
  • Greg will work to ensure we make Henry County a great place to live, work, worship, shop, dine and play--the perfect community to call home and to raise a family; a place to stay instead of moving away due to lack of opportunities.
  • Our county is growing, and Greg will work hard with state officials and DOT to make sure our transportation tax dollars come back to our county to build new capacity and improve current infrastructure. Good planning can prevent congestion due to growth.
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